Selection of Suitable Rice Weevil Disinfestation Method Using Hybrid FAHP-FTOPSIS

Pariwat Nasawat, Sukangkana Talangkun, Sirawadee Arunyanart, Narong Wichapa


The objective of this article is to demonstrate how to choose a suitable rice weevil disinfestation method using hybrid FAHP-FTOPSIS. This problem is complicated, because there are both subjective and objective criterion involving total cost, rice quality, performance and environmental friendliness. Based on a case study, proposed technique was tested. The results show that an infrared-hot air system is the best alternative for rice weevil disinfestation, followed by the vacuum method and fumigation. The advantage of the proposed technique is simultaneous consideration of each criterion for solving this problem efficiently.


Rice Weevil Disinfestation; FAHP; FTOPSIS; Multiple Attribute Decision Making

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